Improve your written and verbal skills in English with Guruu’s online English courses.

Guruu is a brand new platform that offers English lessons online. Guruu’s tutorials have been divided into 8 categories to suit everyone’s needs (students, job seekers, business men and women).

With just a few clicks, Guruu will help you communicate easily and effectively in English, all thanks to our amazing, certified tutors!

We offer lessons on a wide range of topics such as:

• English Tuition for School (PMR/SPM)
• Effective Communication
• Business in English
• Public Speaking Skills
• Grammar and Diction
• Document Review
• Interview Preparation
• Exam Preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, A Levels, etc.)

Guruu’s online English courses connects you with our certified tutors, from anywhere, at anytime, through Skype.

Guruu is a convenient alternative to your everyday traditional English lessons.

Start a course anytime during the day; learn from home, or from anywhere around the globe. With Guruu’s English courses online, there won’t be a need to commute to a learning center or even worry on missing out lessons on a busy schedule. Flexible time management is a key point we emphasize on.

Guruu’s tutors are based locally and internationally, to help deliver global standards of teaching straight to your doorstep.

Certified tutors for quality courses

Nowadays, speaking in English is a must. It is known as the global lingua franca, and is the third most commonly spoken language globally. It is also the spoken in the highest number of countries in the world!

Whether it is for school, business, or everyday communication, it can be frustrating not to be able to speak proficiently in English. At Guruu, we recognise this, and offer an effective, personalised learning experience to conquer all your communication fears.

Our tutors are experienced orators with excellent public speaking skills and internationally recognized teaching degrees and qualifications. With their help, we are confident we can help you achieve all your goals in English communication!