“It is never easy for a person who has been living his entire life in an environment that practises only their mother tongue to speak with an English native speaker. It is not the culture to be blamed. It is merely the fact that we stay in our comfort zone for too long, lacking practice in speaking English. Guruu is the best platform to enhance your speaking and listening skills!”

—Haswira Aiman

“Guruu was a fantastic help with my interview preparations for a postgraduate scholarship. I was in need of a mock interview – one that tested you under pressure, and the pressure that only an unfamiliar face can provide!

So I decided to give Guruu a go – a few clicks and I got a one-hour class scheduled with Jason. I sent him some background information beforehand so he had a general idea of what my interviewers were looking for. Jason then tailored our session around it. The first 30 minutes were spent on answering potential interview questions and for the next 30 minutes we discussed room for improvement. The session was fairly flexible and catered to my needs.

Although I only had a single lesson, it helped me see things from an interviewer’s perspective, and also guided the rest of my prep on my own. I’d never done a mock interview session like this before but I certainly felt that with Guruu, this was one of my best prepared-for interviews!”


“Guruu is a very effective and innovative way of teaching english. Online learning allows you to be able to have english lessons within the comfort of your own home, thus removing the hassle of travelling.

After my public speaking lessons, I am able to deliver presentations with more confidence. Guruu also helped me to correct all the minor things that i was doing wrong while presenting.

I would definitely recommend Guruu to my friends and family!”


“Guruu is a growing platform which appeals to the needs of an everyday international student who is seeking to further their career skills. As it is becoming ever increasingly harder for students like me to capture the attention of companies, training your communication skills and mastering the English language is essential. Guruu is a solution to that.

Coming from an international school, to be able to speak and write in proper English at the highest level became a necessity for me. However, there was only so much I could benefit from the large class teaching at school. I found it difficult receiving enough if not any attention for things such as communication skills, presentations or interviews. So, I decided to look elsewhere for help. When I signed up for Guruu, the key things that appealed were the direct help and focus I would get from my tutor (one-on- one) and the ease of the tutoring (being online). From the many types of courses offered, I signed up for the effective communication course and very soon after that I was assigned to my tutor. Through the Skype sessions with my tutor, she helped me find ways to overcome the difficulties I had with my communication skills as well as work on the way I present myself to those around me. I found it much easier to express myself to her on a one-to- one basis rather than to an audience of a class, and as such we got along much better than I would have with one of my class teachers. Overall I felt much more confident coming out of each session and I am certain that the sessions made that difference.

As a student I am surrounded by others who are in the exact same situation as me, and I think they would definitely benefit from this service as well, so yes.”