English Public Speaking can be a challenge.

Speaking in front of an audience (classmates, colleagues, clients) can be a intimidating experience.

It is sometimes tough for people to speak their mother tongue in  public; it gets strenuous if the presentation has to be done in a foreign language!

Even though English public speaking can be pretty intimidating at times, it will help you boost your confidence and make a difference not only in your daily life, but also for you business and your future career.

Guruu’s online tutors will help you identify your public speaking and presentation strengths and weaknesses.

They will give you tips on how to handle stressful situations, for you to speak clearly and effectively.

Guruu’s step-by- step course will turn you into the most effective orator you can be.

Why is English public speaking so important?

When giving talks and presentations in front of large groups of people, it is essential to speak English fluently for your speech to be impactful.

Delivering an efficient professional speech means to captivate your public and share significant information in order to persuade and entertain your audience.

Public Speaking is an efficient method to communicate your ideas, your message and share your knowledge.

By giving effective speeches, not only will you stand out but would also become a good leader and procreate cliques socially as well.

Recommended Length

Guruu recommends you to take a minimum of 6 Public Speaking lessons for you to start seeing improvements. 

The tutors will train you to:

Build your self-confidence (with breathing exercises, tips to relax before a presentation)
Use accurate body language and tone inflections
Structure your presentations efficiently.
Deliver effective messages and arguments
Create perfect presentations slides
Use formal speech
Speak in front of an audience

Affordable Pricing Plan

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  • Price per classRM89.90

Buy 6 Classes

  • Price per classRM86.90
  • Save in totalRM18

Buy 12 Classes

  • Price per classRM85.90
  • Save in totalRM48

Buy 24 Classes

  • Price per classRM84.90
  • Save in totalRM120

Buy 1 Class

  • Price per class$22.90

Buy 6 Classes

  • Price per class$20.90
  • Save in total$12

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  • Price per class$19.90
  • Save in total$36

Buy 24 Classes

  • Price per class$18.90
  • Save in total$96

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