Guruu was brought to you by 3 dynamic and young entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Hiu Chii Fen, Kristyn Gan and Irina Al Amin recently launched Guruu’s online platform.

The Guruu Team’s approach and objectives

The Guruu team is fully committed to help improve the standard of verbally spoken English in Malaysia.

We hope to empower the country’s youth by giving them the confidence to get their voices heard.

By connecting students to qualified tutors from all over the world in a bespoke and flexible way, the Guruu team supports young Malaysians by achieving their full potential, from the classroom to their work place.

Certified online tutors for quality assured courses

Today, speaking in English is a must. English is known as an international language and is the third most commonly spoken language worldwide.

Whether it is for school, business, or general occasions, it can be frustrating not able to speak proficiently in English.

Our tutors are experienced communication skills trainers, with excellent public speaking skills and internationally recognised teaching degrees and qualifications.