English Interview preparations requires time and reflection.

Preparing for these interviews can be a long process. You will start by doing different types of researches:

• Finding information about the company, the university, the products or the services.
• Organize how you will present yourself.
• Research and plan your answers for common interview questions.
• Practicing your English (avoid basic grammar mistakes and informal slang, use the correct tenses and adjectives and powerful vocabulary).

Guruu’s online courses will help you structure these researches so you could be fully prepared for your future English interview.

Select a tutor with the most relevant experience to help you prepare.

With Guruu’s efficient English interview preparation, you’ll get the job!

Have you recently applied for a job, received a positive reply and were called in for an English interview? Are you worried you might struggle because your grammar is not perfect?

For you to make a good impression on your future boss or employer, you will need to understand his speech in English to answer his questions effectively.

Guruu provides you with specialised tutors who have successfully navigated interviews at leading Universities such as Oxford, as well as jobs at multinational firms across various industries.

Recommended Length

We recommend you to take at least 3 lessons of English Interview preparation for you to feel more confident and comfortable during your interview.

Express yourself fluently with confidence on topics such as:

Your professional experience
• Use the proper pronunciation
Gain oratory confidence
Your qualifications and accomplishments
Your capabilities and skills
Your strengths and weaknesses
Your job expectations
Questions you should ask during the English interview

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