What do I need to use Guruu?

All you need is a Skype account and a working internet connection! You do not need any advanced technology or IT skills to use our service.

What happens if my tutor has internet problems during my lesson?

Guruu will offer to reschedule the next lesson for free should the tutor encounter internet connection problems during the lesson.  In the event that both the tutor and the student are unable to reschedule to a later date, Guruu may offer a payment refund.

What happens if I have internet problems during my lesson?

If you experience connectivity issues during a lesson, please contact us and you may reschedule your lesson free of charge.

What happens if I experience persistent internet problems during lessons?

Unfortunately our service requires a stable internet connection by both parties. If you are having persistent problems, we recommend that this issue be resolved on the user’s end before continuing our service. We highly recommend you ensure you are in an area with stable connection in order to fully utilise Guruu’s services.

What if I want to reschedule a booked lesson?

If you want to reschedule a lesson that you have already booked, please email us at contact@guruu.co at least 48 hours before the originally scheduled lesson time, and we will reschedule it for you. Please note that if you do not contact us at least 48 hours before, we will not be able to reschedule or refund you for the lesson.

What if I want to cancel all my lessons?

What if I want to cancel all my lessons?

If you decide not to continue with Guruu within 6 months of purchasing your lessons, please email us at contact@guruu.co at least 7 days before your next scheduled class and we may be able to issue you a partial refund for the remaining lessons. If you do not email us 48 hours before your next scheduled class you will not be able to get a refund for that particular class. Please note that Guruu lessons typically expire after 1 year of purchase date, so any claims for refunds after 1 year will not be possible.

I’ve had my free trial and want to start learning with Guruu. Do I have to choose the same tutor I had for the free trial?

We would encourage students to stay with the tutor they’ve had their free trial with. However, if you find that you may not be compatible, you are more than welcome to select another tutor to start lessons with. You will not be able to have another free trial with this tutor.

Do I only have one tutor for the entire course?

It’s important to build a rapport between tutor and student for effective learning. As such, we encourage you to stick to one tutor once you find the right one. During the course, however, your tutor might find it useful for a new tutor to take over a lesson for a fresh pair of eyes on your progress. This can be discussed with your tutor personally.

I do not like my tutor, can I change him/her?

Not everyone is compatible as student and tutor. If you would like to change tutors for classes you have already scheduled, please email us at .guruu.co. Don’t forget you can rate and leave reviews for your tutors and lessons. This helps us ensure the quality and performance of our tutors. However, should you wish to keep your reasons private, we will respect that.

How long are lessons?

Lessons will be about an hour long with self-paced breaks.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?

Ask us at contact@guruu.co