You need an English exam preparation for the IELTS, the TOEFL or for A levels?

Are you applying for a University or looking for a job in the UK, US, or Australia? Do you have to pass the IELTS or TOEFL or you are currently studying for GCSEs, A Level or the IB? 

Our team of international tutors will help you score your exams!

Guruu’s online tutors are experienced and passionate about teaching English.

Thanks to one-on-one English exam preparation lessons, we offer personalised support whilst making sure that each lesson brings you one step closer to success.

The best English exam preparation is to always practice.

For you to succeed your IELTS, TOEFL or GCSEs and IB exams, our tutors will guide you for each part of the test (reading, listening, writing and speaking).

They will help you manage your time so that you can answer the objective of every assessment.

You will learn how to summarize your ideas, use different writing styles (letter, journal, speech) and language techniques (metaphors, similes).

Guruu’s online tutors will teach you how to produce coherent texts, with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Your English exam preparation also will consist of reading and comprehension sections. Interpreting ideas and themes from a wide range of articles, for you to draw solid conclusions and suggestions (expressed point of view  as perspective).

Recommended Length

We recommend you to pursue Guruu’s online English exam preparation during the year for you to keep improving and have best results.

Use your English effectively and fluently for each section of the exams:

Reading (reports, articles, biography, advertisements, web pages)
Writing (arguments, narration, descriptions, instructions, explanations)
Listening (understanding conversation, dialects, different accents and pronunciation)

Speaking (using accurate grammar, perfecting your vocabulary, sentences structures and presenting numbers and powerful facts.)

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