Get better results thanks to personalised guidance.

Failure is not an option.

If you are looking for some professional guidance to complement your school studies in English, Guruu’s online English tuition for school is made for you.

Guruu provides you with personalised support and tutoring. Our experienced and well-equipped tutors are always ensuring students’ positive progress by giving them specialised feedbacks.

Excel on all your academic tasks.

Guruu’s tutors will focus on improving your English skills whilst following the local PT3 or SPM syllabus. Specific programs will be developed according to the students’ needs for them to eventually succeed in their academic studies.

Our tutors will adapt their teaching methods to the students’ learning ability, encouraging them to progress and overcome challenging aspects of the English language.

With Guruu’s online English tuition, students will be prepared accordingly to the various tasks they will have to accomplish during school.

Recommended Length

We recommend pursuing this course throughout the year for you to keep improving and achieve the best results.

Throughout your one-to-one course you will learn how to:

  • Compose powerful English essays.
  • Effectively deliver presentations in public.
  • Better understand lectures and discussions in English.
  • Develop your listening and reading skills.

Affordable Pricing Plan

Buy 1 Class

  • Price per classRM59.90

Buy 6 Classes

  • Price per classRM57.90
  • Save in totalRM12

Buy 12 Classes

  • Price per classRM55.90
  • Save in totalRM48

Buy 24 Classes

  • Price per classRM54.90
  • Save in totalRM120

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