Why do you need to master the basics of English?

The English language is spoken differently all around the globe, and each country adds its own flavour.

For example, Malaysians use Manglish and pepper their sentences with lah’s, ah’s, and mah’s, and Australians love their ‘arvos’. Local slang and dialects serve to enrich the English language with new character and colour.

However, in formal situations, it is important to follow some basic rules of speaking English, such as grammar and diction.

Grammar is a universal set of rules that holds the English language together. It is the structure of your sentences. It defines where your noun and pronoun will be placed, and how to use verbs to denote whether an action is taking place in the past, present, or future.

And while all accents are great in their own way, clear and proper pronunciation of words is crucial for others to understand you and for you to be a truly effective communicator.

Master the basics of English today!

Guruu helps you avoid common English grammar and diction mistakes.

In formal situations, such as academics and at your workplace, using proper grammar and diction is crucial. Speaking fluently English will not only help you for work but will also make you stand out during interviews.

While networking in groups, using the correct grammar, diction, syntax and conjunctions will definitely help you impress potential future employers or clients.

Recommended Length

Guruu recommends you to take a minimum of 6 English Grammar and Diction lessons.

Learn how to speak basic English using appropriate grammar and diction:

With basic grammar exercises (tenses, verbs, clauses, adjectives, pronouns etc)
With the proper pronunciation
By Identifying bad grammar in everyday text (newspaper articles, websites)
With Speech fluency practice

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