Why is it so important to review your documents before sending them?

In today’s international and commercial world, creating effective resumes in English is crucial for students and professional adults.

Your resume and your cover letter will give your future employer a first impression of yourself and you only have one chance to make a first good impression. Therefore, you need to ban all grammatical errors, wrong punctuations and spelling mistakes.

In order to stand out, you might want to polish your resume and cover letter before sending it across. Give a creative look to your resume to make it more attractive. Re-work the structure of your documents to make them comprehensive and easy to read.

These documents are your own personal branding and marketing tools, don’t underestimate their importance.

Get experts advices to review your English Documents

Tutors on Guruu will provide professional advices and feedbacks on your resume, your personal statement and your cover letter.

Guruu’s tutors are very familiar with the recruitment process and know exactly what recruiters are looking for.

Available 24/7 our online tutors can help you review your English documents by proof-reading them to ensure that they are error free and most importantly that they carry the right message.

Recommended Length

Guruu recommends you to take at least 1 lesson for each English document review.

Give the best first impression to your future employer:

Get specific and professional feedbacks on your documents
Make sure your resume and cover letter are error-free
Avoid common grammar and spelling mistakes

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