Communication Skills in English are essential in today’s world.

To enhance your English communication skills, Guruu has assembled a variety of modules covering the most important English topics for you to have a complete overview of and training in the language.

As we are now living in an increasingly global world, English has never been more present and important.

Whether it is to talk with friends from abroad, to give information to foreigners who ask for help, or to excel at school and business, English communication is part of our daily life.

Being able to share your thoughts and ideas easily with effective communication skills in English is a crucial part of your personal and professional development.

Guruu’s online courses help you improve your efficiency in English Communication Skills.

Guruu’s English Communication Skills course prepares you to speak fluently with good grammar and pronunciation. Guruu’s tutors will help you overcome the difficulties you might encounter while trying to express yourself in English in everyday life.

You will learn to build your confidence in spoken English and how to structure your ideas coherently.

Through practice with our tutors,  you can improve your English conversational skills to become the most effective communicator you can be, guaranteeing you will shine at school or at your workplace.

Recommended Length

Guruu recommends a minimum of 6 Effective Communication lessons.

Learn how to:

Use correct grammar
• Use proper pronunciation
Gain oratory confidence
Structure your ideas
• Communicate by using story-telling techniques
Improve your conversational skills
Use formal speech
Speak in front of an audience

Affordable Pricing Plan

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  • Price Per ClassRM89.90

Buy 6 Classes

  • Price Per ClassRM86.90
  • Save in totalRM18

Buy 12 Classes

  • Price Per ClassRM85.90
  • Save in totalRM48

Buy 24 Classes

  • Price Per ClassRM84.90
  • Save in totalRM120

Buy 1 Class

  • Price Per Class$22.90

Buy 6 Classes

  • Price Per Class$20.90
  • Save in Total$2

Buy 12 Classes

  • Price Per Class$19.90
  • Save per Lesson$3

Buy 24 Classes

  • Price Per Class$18.90
  • Save per Lesson$4

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