Why is Business English so important?

Dubbed the ‘global language of business’ by the Harvard Business Review, English has been the most common language used in the world for trade and commerce in the last 30 years. Hence, having a good command of English is vital for your business and career success.

English is also the official language of 70 countries, gathering more than 2 billion speakers around the globe.

In the wake of the market globalisation, and an increasing amount of exports and imports of goods and services, employees are often required to travel and/or to work with foreigners.

Therefore, being able to communicate with your clients and partners overseas and to understand Business English effectively is a must.

Guruu prepares you to excel at your next Business meeting

Guruu’s Business English online course aims to improve your English communication and conversational techniques at the workplace.

During the course, students will focus mainly on English communication techniques and vocabulary used in a professional environment.

Not only will you will discover how to use English effectively in your workplace, Guruu’s tutors will help you prepare to excel at your future English business meetings.

Through online lessons, Guruu tutors will teach you how to speak with clients, give you tips and techniques to develop a sales/business pitch, and help you build your corporate networking skills using English.

Guruu’s Business English course is highly recommended for professionals adults who want to stand out at work.

Recommended Length

Guruu recommends a minimum of 6 lessons to improve your Business English knowledge.

Guruu’s Business English course consists of:

Showing a visiting foreign colleague around
Using accurate body language and tone inflections
Strategic negotiation tactics
Delivering effective messages and arguments
Preparing a marketing pitch
Describing the future (using tenses)
Structuring an argument
Creating Business English presentations
Writing Business English letters (vocabulary building)
Planning and organising a business meeting

Affordable Pricing Plan

Buy 1 Class

  • Price per classRM89.90

Buy 6 Classes

  • Price per classRM86.90
  • Save in totalRM18

Buy 12 Classes

  • Price per classRM85.90
  • Save in totalRM48

Buy 24 Classes

  • Price per classRM84.90
  • Save in totalRM120

Buy 1 Class

  • Price per Class$22.90

Buy 6 Classes

  • Price per Class$20.90
  • Save in Total$12

Buy 12 Classes

  • Price per Class$19.90
  • Save in Total$36

Buy 24 Classes

  • Price per Class$18.90
  • Save in Total$96

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