Learning a new language is never easy. There is a certain anxiety that comes with it. You feel unsure of yourself, worry if you are reading or pronouncing new words correctly, and feel like you sound silly in general. But has it occurred to you that part of this anxiety stems from the way in which you are learning this new language?

Perhaps a more relaxed approach to learning can help ease your nerves and provide a fun learning experience instead! If you’re stumped for ideas, worry not – we’ve compiled 5 fun ways to learn English (or any new language for that matter)!

Add some music

Some have said that music can help improve an individual’s concentration. Though this may vary between each person, one thing for sure is that music makes things a little more interesting. Try listening to some of your favourite English songs while ‘dissecting’ the lyrics. This approach encourages individuals to learn foreign words and to discover the meaning behind the tune. If you’re not too keen on reading up on the lyrics, then try karaoke! Reading the lyrics and singing them out loud can improve your pronunciation and speed at which you pick up the language.

Watch TV

Sure, most of us probably grew up being told off for watching too much TV. But in reality, we can learn loads about a language when watching TV! TV programmes offer multiple ways to pick up conversational skills, nuanced communication styles of that culture, as well as slangs and new phrases, many of which cannot be learnt in the classroom.

Play some board games!

Gather some friends for some fun learning! Board games like Scrabble, Scattergories and Bananagram are great to help boost your vocabulary. These games will allow you and your friends to benefit and learn from each other’s existing knowledge bank of words. For maximum fun and learning, always keep a dictionary close when playing these games!

Find a partner

Learning is always more fun when you have someone to do it with you. A learning partner or a study buddy is a great, fun way to keep up with your English learning. With a partner, you can practice your new skills and test out uncertainties with each other. This will benefit both of you, as you will be able to learn from one another as well as help each other along the way. Having a partner is like a being in a tag team: when one speaks the other listens and helps, and vice versa! It’s also nice having someone who cheers you on when you have days of doubt.

Read more

This one might not appeal to some, but bear with me! Reading is probably one of the best ways to improve language skills. It allows you to learn proper grammar through richer content than textbooks, and helps to further expand your vocabulary. Reading also allows you to use your imagination and sometimes, depending on what you are reading, it can take you to far-off lands with mystical creatures! Books can cater to every preference, as there are many genres for all.


There you have it, 5 ways to make learning English a little more entertaining. But remember, these 5 suggestions are not just for those who want to learn English. These can apply to those wanting to simply improve the skill that they already have. It’s fun for native and non-native speakers!

Author Alia Shahrizan

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